Festival in Focus

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All EFA Members have been contributing to Europe’s artistic life for decades. Arts Festivals have inspired the artistic discourse and reflected the social and historical turning points in Europe since the 1920s. The value festivals give to people's understanding of their times is extraordinary. In Festival In Focus we look in detail at the stories behind them.

Al Bustan International Festival | Lebanon

Dive into the story and the history of the Al Bustan International Festival. Myrna Bustani, the founder and actual president of the festival, decided to convert the building belonging to her family as the main venue for a Winter and early Spring classical music festival beginning of the 90's. Another generation later it is going as strongly as ever and has become an important focus for the community. Read the full article now.

Outside venue © Al Bustan International Festival

Romaeuropa | Italy

Romaeuropa is one of those rare institutions that started out in very conventional circles but has become steadily more radical as it has got older. The festival was born in the courtyard of the Villa Medici but it has always been about the contemporary arts and became gradually more and more experimental. Romaeuropa is today also part of the underground too. Catch up Romaeuropa's specific dna in this article.

© Giada Spera