Arts Festivals Pre-Summit

The idea of the Pre-Summit is to initiate and inspire conversations. The texts shared on this page are food for thoughts before the Arts Festivals Summit, written by inspiring professionals from the Festivals world. Check out what your colleagues have to say and get ready for deep conversations and debates in Wiesbaden.

Filiz Sarper

I’m the founder and Artistic Director of International Izmir Festival. I was born in Izmir. After graduating from İzmir American College, I went to England to study choreology. After finishing London College of Choreology Master’s Program, I started working as a choreologist at Istanbul State Opera and Ballet. I wrote the choreography of Sait Sökmen's "Kurban" Ballet in Benesh Dance Notation and registered in the International Choreology Library in London. With this ballet being the first Turkish work in the Choreology Library, I received the "A.I.Chor" title. I have represented my country for three times at the World Choreologists’ Meeting. I worked at Istanbul State Opera and Ballet until 1980, making notations of so many works and adapting them to stage.

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Piñeiro Nagy

I'm a human being with a permanent love outlook towards the mystery of life. That’s why I am a musician learning permanently from my fellowmen with whom I try to share the noblest feelings. It is in the purity of the musical ideal that I find the daily nourishment that sustains and strengthens me.

Tradition, transition, renewal and the forth pillar. What do we learn from music, that most abstract and ephemeral art? That it runs through time in an infinite path of transition between tradition and permanent renewal.

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Monique Veaute

I am Monique Veaute, chairman of Fondazione Romaeuropa and Romaeuropa Festival. All my life the thought that contemporary art is strictly connected with its presentation's locations has driven me and my vision. That is why a contemporary creation's Festival like REf sets in a city like Rome; the historical heritage, together with the memory of our western culture is omnipresent. Rome itself is an invitation for a sharp debate between the artists we invite and us. But, please, don't get me wrong, the Festival's deep connection with is home in Rome is the starting point of a European vision and inclusion. Since its very first days (over thirty years ago already), REf was born aiming at three specific targets: it was made to spread knowledge through artists' point of view, to share an experience with the audience and to raise a particular curiosity and attention towards the poetic complexity of our modern societies.

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Zoran Veljanoski

I’m Zoran Veljanoski Letra, President of Ohrid Summer Festival, Republic of Macedonia. When should briefly talk about myself I can just say that I'm an artist, photographer, with numerous participations on many world events.

I have finished my higher education at the Film and Theatre Academy ESRA - Paris - Skopje - New York, at the faculty of stage design, Department of Photography. At the same academy I have finished also Master studies with title: Organization of festivals and events. In 2004 I received the highest municipal recognition “St. Clement of Ohrid” - patron of the city of Ohrid in the field of culture. In my professional record stands also:  Director of the Festival of French Film in Macedonia and the Secretary General of the Ohrid Academy of Humanism. 

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Massimo Mercelli

Who are you? 

I am a flautist who thinks flute repertory is not enough for his passion and hunger of music.

If your festival was a human being, what would it be most proud of? 

I think he would be like a wonderful Italian cook, serving delicacies at an honest price.

Ibrahim Spahić

I am Ibrahim Spahić, comparatist, thetralogist, publisher, author, founder and director of the International Sarajevo Winter Festival.

I was born May 10th 1952 in Sarajevo. In is the same year The European Festivals Association (EFA) was founded in Geneva upon the joint initiative of the eminent conductor Igor Markewitch and the great philosopher Denis de Rougemont. (...) I was a member of the Executive Committee of the European Festivals Association. I am Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cultural Forum of B&H.

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Peter Eriksson

I´m musician, viola player and chairman of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Stockholm, a member of the Concert Hall Foundation Board and for 25 years member of the Stockholm Concert Hall Programme Council.

Since 1986 I am the founder and still artistic director of Saxå Chamber Music Festival. A festival of good national reputation. I´m President of the Association Sweden Festivals, which gained increasing importance in the Swedish cultural landscape. I, along with others, started a platform in the festival cooperation on the Nordic and Baltic region.

As a passionate chamber musician, I see it is important that new music will be available and that young musicians get a good education and support.

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Jovanka Visekruna Jankovic

I am Jovanka Visekruna Jankovic, pianist and founder of ArtLink Young Talents’ Festival. At the same time, I am representing Serbian Festival Association in EFA and the Western Balkans Hub in EFFE.

If the ArtLink Young Talents’ Festival were a human being it would be most proud of its partners, supporters and artists involved at both the national and international level. I am sure that it would be especially proud of the fantastic young talents to whom, year after year, it gives opportunities to perform for the first time with the orchestra and with already renowned artists.

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Paul Dujardin

A born and raised citizen of Brussels and thus a Belgian, European and citizen of the world. As the CEO and Artistic Director of the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels I see myself first and foremost as a cultural diplomat and defender of a European cultural space and state of mind. I like to connect people from different disciplines, sectors, generations and cultural identities.

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